NDIS Standards (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

The NDIS Health and Quality Framework is used by the NDIS Commission to approve NDIS registered providers and their ability to provide services to NDIS participants.

Standard Consulting

Quality and safeguard requirements under the NDIS Commission include:

  • Compliance with the NDIS Code of Conduct, including an orientation module for workers
  • Meeting NDIS Practice Standards
  • Ensuring a complaints system is in place
  • Reporting certain types of incidents to the NDIS Commission, including incidents or allegations of abuse and neglect
  • Complying with requirements in relation to behaviour support plans and the use of restrictive practices. NDIS Standards (National Disability Insurance Scheme) which will be used by NDIS Providers will either have to verify or certify their organisations against these standards.

The NDIS Quality Indicators (Core Module and other Modules) relate to:

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Governance and Operational Management
  • Provision of Supports
  • Support Provision Environment
  • High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
  • Specialist Behaviour Support
  • Implementing Specialist Behaviour Support Plans
  • Early Childhood Supports
  • Specialised Support Coordination
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Verification

We will provide your organisation with NDIS Practice Standards Policy and Procedures. The NDIS Health and Quality Framework is used to assess registered providers abilities.  We know the framework like the back of our hands, in other works, we have the answers for you.


Providers need to follow the steps:

If you want to deliver services to NDIS participants you will need to Register with the NDIS.  Once registered, you will need to meet the conditions of registration.  One of the conditions is complying with the NDIS Practice Standards through a Certification or a Verification Audit.  The registration groups you register against and the structure of your organistion outline the audit process you need to achieve.

Our NDIS systems are what you do, therefore we do not provide templates.  In addition, with the policies we develop, we also include the forms, registers, participant communication and reporting formats to meet NDIS reporting.  We give it to you in ‘word’ format in an easy file.  Its yours to keep, we will not stop your access to it.

Most importantly, our Consultants are also Auditors in the NDIS sector.  Equally important, they know what Auditors want to see.

Furthermore, they will explain the standards to you, in your language.

In conlusion, you will pass your audit/verification first time every time.  As a matter of fact, we can also be right by your side during the audit process and advocate on your behalf.

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