Compliance and System Maintenance – HSEQ, WHSO, Quality Officer, Safety Rep

Standard Consulting can fulfill the role of QHSE, WHSO, Quality Officer, Safety Rep within your organisation.

The benefits of having an organisation like us providing this service is:

  • Fixed contracted rate with no minimum time allocated – you want us for 3 days a month, then that is all we will charge you.
  • No risk of an employee creating unnecessary process to justify their position
  • Long and short term contracts available, we will happily fill a temporary position and leave your system in a better shape
  • Competent, experienced consultants with a wide range of industry knowledge

The tasks we will undertake include:

  • Updating registers and documents
  • Internal Auditing
  • Ensuring legislation is current and followed
  • Project specific inspection, reviews and documentation
  • Assisting certification audits

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