Auditor Training for all industries

NDIS, Quality, Safety & Environmental


Standard Consulting runs courses

which will provide the necessary knowledge and qualifications to become skilled in the understanding and auditing of:

  • Integrated Management Systems (IMS)
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • NDIS Management Systems (NDIS)


Face to face / virtual training either consecutive or over a set period of time. Not online, open book exam, meet a like minded people to share your experiences and gain a qualification.


Qualifications meeting the framework and in partnership with Exemplar Global for NDIS & ISO Auditor Training.

Other NDIS recognised training includes:

Standard Consulting runs courses

Do you want to become an external auditor or do you want your people to have the qualifications and understanding to be able to manage a system effeciently?

External Auditing opportunities have skyrocketed with the implementation of the NDIS quality framework standards.

Requirements for lead auditors with specific nursing and occupational therapy qualifications has created a gap in the auditing market, coupled with the new aged care requirements certification bodies will be requiring competent, qualified and knowledgable auditors within these areas.

Existing ISO standards the opportunity to integrate out quality auditor course with the NDIS quality framework has provided a great opportunity for upcoming NDIS auditors to learn about the framework, evidence requirements, NDIS quality auditor guidelines whilst still obtaining a dual qualification for ISO 9001 and NDIS.


What our courses provides

Auditor Training courses run by  Lead Auditors

Our courses provide:

  • Interesting and relevant content combined with theory and practical examples
  • Tools to achieve confident compliance
  • Opportunities to met other like minded people who are interested in quality, safety and environmental auditing.

Qualification that can be achieved from our courses are

  • Exemplar Global – Auditing Management Systems
  • Exemplar Global – Leading Audits
  • Exemplar Global – Quality Management Systems
  • Exemplar Global – NDIS Management Systems
  • Exemplar Global – Environmental Management Systems
  • Exemplar Global – Safety Management Systems


2021 Training Dates

NDIS Masterclass – 1 Day – 6 July, 31 August & 5 November

NDIS/QMS Lead Auditor Course – 3 Days – 28 June, 23 August

IMS Lead Auditor Course – 5 Days – 19 September

Available Courses


IMS Lead Auditor Course

Integrated (any 2 or more standards)

Auditing system integrated within an organisation.

Quality, Safety & Enviornmental

Understand ISO 9001

Understand ISO 14001

Understand ISO 45001


Quality / NDIS Lead Auditor Course

Understand ISO 9001

Understand NDIS quality framework

Understand Evidence requirements

Understanding auditor requirements

Lead Audit Teams

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